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DKP update
Welcome to Daybreak on Thunderhorn EU.

First of all: How great is it not, to have mass-resurrection again? Gratz to Daybreak on (finally) reaching level 25.

As some of you might have read in-game we have currently implemented a new DKP system in the guild. It came to the officers attention, that the old system wasn't really rewarding when

a) We had a bad loot night
b) People had to wait several minutes on another player to show up

In case you missed the old system, basically it was what is refered to as a 'null-system'. Basically this means that what comes in, has to leave as well. This system was really healthy seeing as everyone phased out eachother, and it was easy to distinguish between individual players on their dkp score. The problem was that this system only took loot/costs into consideration. So let's say an item dropped and a player buys it for 9 dkp (standard value), then all the other players each gains 1 dkp, while they buyer looses 9 (for 10-man).

In order to solve the listed problems, we had to develope a system which took the following checkpoints into consideration

1) People showing up on time
2) People staying for the entire raid

We decided that this were best solved by awarding people points for each of these checkpoints, where we further subdivided 1 into 1a and 1b, so now the system looks like this:

1a) People showing up in the beginning of the raid (on time)
1b) People showing up after the mid-break in the raid (on time)
2) People being there till the raid ends, which should be around 23.00 s.t.

This should award each raider 9 points per week (tops). Of course it's gonna be possible to lose/earn additional dkp, but that comes down to the officers. What this system does is that it gives a flow of dkp which should be roughly lower than the average amount of items dropping per week. 7 bosses, 2 loots each = 14 items per week, which is roughly 1,4 item per player, per week. So of course the prices are gonna build around this rough estimate as well.

1,4 item per player/week means that each player should gain 1,4 items worth of dkp per week, but this only applies to a perfect world, with perfect drops, with perfect class attendancy. Instead we chose to factor this down to 0,9 items/week. This was just a rough estimate and it gives roughly 10 points per item. By applying the +/- from 1h compared to 2h we then get the following prize list:

  1h, off-hand       7 dkp 
  Other items, ranged   10 dkp 
  2h, Staffs, Polearms   14 dkp 

So that's how the dkp system is gonna work. There won't be a reset for now of the current dkp, but we will consider making one in near future, but that just requires a bit more of balance, seeing as so many people have either really high/low dkp atm, who honestly deserves to be there.

We might also consider adding a week bonus, so if you show up for 1 raid per week, no bonus. 2 raids per week, 2 dkp bonus. 3 raids per week, 5 dkp bonus. But this is not guaranteed yet.

If you read all this and somehow got confused by all the math, don't worry about it. It happens for even the best *CLICK HERE* .

... I'm a mathematician, and even I had to think looong about that one ...

Well that was all for now,
hope you enjoyed the read
// Frostious
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Welcome to Daybreak on Thunderhorn EU.

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